Arnaud Tabardel


Laurent Henode




Their story

As nervous as air, as dense as atmospheric, the Suzie of POPPER MUST (BE) could be a distant relation of the Suzanne of Leonard Cohen, dressed of cold electro and ardent electric guitars. It is the story of a woman who is waiting to be free at last, catching sunfishes to make light sparkles, that the Parisian trio tells in this first track of SUNFISHES their New EP.

The album reflects the world of the band in a few tracks ; a feverish poetry with strong images, from folk softness to sound abrasions. A vibrant panel of emotions is transcribed in each song, as if it were a painting made with various mediums (guitars and machines, banjo or even melodic) along with captivating voices.

It is now on stage that the band will perform their creations making them alive and intensely unique.